Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Am I Doing Here?

P didn't sleep well again last night, which is mostly my fault because she fell asleep against me on the couch and I didn't have the heart to wake her up. Of course I paid for that by getting NO sleep because when it was time to go to bed YOU KNOW WHO wouldn't go to sleep.
 Looking on the positive side, her being awake gave me time to finish the book I was reading. I don't even remember the name of it- I just download tons of free books to my Kindle and read them. Most of them have been pretty good, and it's like having a whole library in one book.
Some days I wonder what happened to the smart girl with dreams of college and career when I look around me and I see kids, toys, and piles of laundry and bills that never end. I wouldn't trade my kids for anything but sometimes I wish I could get those days back. Going off to college, joining a sorority- those are experiences I will never get back. I know it's foolish to dwell on those choices I made, especially when I have an amazing life right in front of me.

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