Friday, February 4, 2011

I Have Survived- Barely

It is Friday at last and my husband should be home tonight. The kids went back to school so right now it's just me and Peighton. She is being relatively calm so far today. She won't pick up any toys or otherwise do anything she's asked, but at this point it's a fair trade for her not destroying anything. She did, however, steal all of the money out of my coat pocket. The entire house looks like Wal Mart exploded in here. Where there's not toys there's clothes and where there's not clothes there's toys. Yesterday she took all the clothes out of her dresser and put them in the bathtub so she could wash them. I had left the water dripping so it didn't freeze so now I have a big pile of damp clothes on the bathroom floor. At this point I don't even care. Let it pile up!! I really need to do something productive today but I really don't want to. Story of my life lately. I have no motivation. Or job. Or sanity....barely.

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