Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dress, KU headband, and Spiderman socks

This morning for school P, who usually refuses to wear pants anyway, insisted on wearing a cute shirt and skirt with leggings under it. I tried for pants just because it's so cold here- brrrr! Along with the skirt she had to wear her sister's KU headband ( which I was ok with even if it totally didn't match- Rock Chalk!!). And.... her brother's spiderman socks. I didn't even fight her on it. I was just happy she didn't try to go without socks. The other day she tried to insist it was ok to wear her tennis shoes without socks (EW!) when it was twenty degrees outside. That was a fifteen minute fight right there just to get socks on her. I was going to post a pic of her outfit but the second we walked in the door she took most of it off and is now watching cartoons in her underwear...

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