Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Old window frame, melted crayons, and beads

Here are a few new projects I have done recently.

This one is an old window frame I found outside under our carport. I took the screen off and strung a wire across the top. The snowflakes are cardboard from Hobby Lobby- I covered them with fabric. I put a couple small nails in the back where I wanted the wire, wrapped one end of the wire, hung the snowflakes, and then wrapped the other end. Now when I want to change the snowflakes to something else I just have to unwrap one end of the wire from the nail, hang the new stuff and re-wrap it! Never-ending possibilities- snowflakes, birds, letters...whatever comes to mind!

This one is a combination of two other things I have done. The crayon art and rosette headbands. I took green, yellow, and brown crayons and broke them in small pieces. I melted them with a hair dryer, then took fabric rosettes and hot-glued them to the canvas. This one is an 8x10.

These wrap bracelets I have seen all over the place, and some have been kind of pricey (especially the designer ones). So, as usual, I decided I could make them myself. These are the very first two I have done.

These were all just quick shots this morning to get them posted- so please forgive the quality of these photos! : )

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